TRDS are announcing the upcoming start of a 14-day competition for traders for a big prize!
———-200,000,000 TRDS to Giveaway———–
Time: 2020.02.20  0:00 AM- 2020.03.04  0:00 AM (UTC)

Top 1 trader gets 150,000,000 TRDS
Top 2 traders gets 30,000,000 TRDS
Top 3 traders gets 20,000,000 TRDS

1) We will rank users in terms of the total TRDS volume traded on your account (both BUYS and SELLS in all pairs)  during the competition period. 
2) To be eligible to get rewards, traders must achieve a trading volume of more than 0,022ETH a day or more 0.32ETH  for all the time of the competition.
3) Each trading day starts at 0:00 (UTC +0) and lasts 24 hours. 
$) And when the competition is over we will send this prize pool to the winners within 48 hours!