For most people, it’s not feasible to spend the time needed to do thorough research on which exchanges to trust, which coins to buy, and how to allocate your portfolio. Once you buy coins you need to do additional work of storing them securely, rebalancing your portfolio regularly, staying on top of news, calculating portfolio performance, and doing complicated tax reporting.

The TDC coin (ticker symbol of Trident coin) holds top 10 cryptocurrencies weighted by market cap and volume. So just buy TDC coin and rest work TDC will do for you.

As a cryptocurrency index fund, Trident Crypto Fund is entirely based on a properly researched Index Strategy, which is where they have based their blueprint. On top of that, Trident Crypto Fund only invests in the leading ten underlying cryptocurrency assets that have the highest market capitalization.

In 2017 alone, Trident index obtained more over 1400% returns, which was higher than the 864% that Bitcoin gained. The main aim if Trident is to introduce a new system to those who might be interested in investing in the crypto index fund. In the last two years, Trident has been in service, it has used close to 150 trading strategies. This has led them to a point where they are now beginning to witness optimum results.

One thing that makes the Trident Investment strategy is the fact they have all been tested on historical data.

The whitepaper also makes the point that the Trident will strengthen the overall cryptocurrency market by bringing an additional revenue stream into cryptocurrencies through the crypto index fund.

Trident project announced recently that it has raised $3 Million USD in just 12 days in ICO Pre-sale and they expect to reach $10 million USD before June.

The TDC tokens has 77 Phase distribution process in Pre-sale ICO, After completion of each phase TDC price is increasing.

If there is one thing that places Trident Crypto Fund ahead of most market players then it has to be the referral programs that it has. New investors who are joining Trident can get bountiful referral bonuses by just spreading the news and attracting new investors.

If you like the idea of Trident crypto index fund, head over to the website and get more details.

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