Two Arrested In Germany For Running A Fake Microsoft Support Center

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German police arrested two suspects in Wilhelmshaven, Lower Saxony for running a fake Microsoft support center.

At the end of February, the cybercrime team of the Wilhelmshaven police searched residential and business premises in the Wilhelmshaven area arresting two suspects and gathering extensive evidence in the case. According to police information, the two defendants allegedly worked for an international criminal organization, disguising as Microsoft employees and providing telephone support for customers who had been infected by malware. Law enforcement authorities did not enclose whether the two suspects directly infected the computers of the victims. However, since they were allegedly part of an international criminal organization, they possibly knew that their gang had infected the victims.

The victims of the suspects reported that they had seen a 0800 phone number appearing on their blocking screen, under which the help would be expected. However, behind the number, the two fake Microsoft employees asked for payments from the victims to get their system up and running again. The Wilhelmshaven police investigate the two suspects for alleged connection to international cybercriminal organizations, business-committed computer sabotage, and extortion. The

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