UK Might Use Drones in Retaliation to Cyberattacks

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According to defense secretary Sir Michael Fallon, the UK could justify a military retaliation to cyberattacks. And soon, they would be capable of launching attacks from “air, land, sea or cyberspace” in response to an “online attack.”

His speech came after the parliamentary network attack, but within hours of the international Petya (NotPetya) attacks. He spoke in reference to the UK parliament cyberattack that locked 90 MPs and peers out of their email accounts. Weeks prior, the “WannaCry” ransomware struck, leaving only a legacy, a trail of destruction, and opportunities for governments to push increased cyberwarfare ability.

Fallon said, “The price of an online attack could invite a response from any domain — air, land, sea or cyberspace.” The defense secretary explained the readiness and future plans of the Ministry of Defense at the Cyber 2017 Chatham House Conference. To start, “we will open a dedicated state-of-the-art Defence Cyber School at Shrivenham, bringing together all our military joint cyber training into one place,” he said.

The defense starts at home, he told listeners. “A stronger password here, a Windows update there, and we would have stood

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