VINchain ICO is live! Don’t miss this chance to buy tokens at a reasonable price. The ICO started on February 1st and will be held until April 15th.

Hunting for the better deals on the used car market, both buyers and sellers are potentially exposed to the numerous scam scenarios. Some of the most popular in the US are the open recall scams, warranty scams, and VIN cloning. The team behind Vinchain believes that having the most complete and accurate information of car’s history protects the buyers from being deceived and the private sellers from selling their cars below the market price.

Digital identities for used cars
According to Technavio’s latest report, the global used cars market is projected to reach 128.42 million units by 2021. Connecting those cars to the international blockchain network is what Vinchain does with its Hardware and Software solutions.

“ With Vinchain your car has its very own virtual identity that is continuously updated in real time. “

Explains Alex Miles, the CEO of Vinchain. Once the network of Vinchain-connected cars grows large enough Vinchain API will be enabling the whole world of Big Data and IoT solutions for the owners of thvose used cars.

## New standard in used cars sales
By collecting the data both from under the hood as well as from various private and public databases, Vinchain aims to become the ultimate aggregator for the used cars history worldwide.

Some of the external sources that Vinchain app uses include:
1. Dealers and manufacturers
2. State and federal authorities like DMV
3. NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System)
4. Emergency Warning Systems
5. Insurance Companies
6. Banks and Leasing Companies

As Alex explains, Vinchain will become the new industry standard when shopping for a used car. With Vinchain, consumers are able to research the complete car history from internal and external sources all within Vinchain app.

Optimizing the driving experience
Vinchain’s combined Hardware and Software solution provides the drivers with the real-time visualizations of Behavioral, Diagnostic and Contextual data. This helps to establish a better communication between the owners and their vehicles.

“ Having the full history of the car’s performance helps our users to save on things like car insurance and maintenance costs. “

States Andrei Krainik, founder and Chief innovation officer at Vinchain. What’s more is that unlike with other databases, Vinchain users are in charge of their data and can sell it directly on the Vinchain app for VIN tokens.

Vinchain community and ICO
Successfully raising 1290 ETH on the pre-sale stage in just 2 days, the Vinchain launches its Initial Coin Offering on the 1st of February. You can learn more about the company, its team, track record and the project timeline on the official website:

Alternatively, you can join the Vinchain’s active Telegram channel to address your questions directly to the founders of the project at any time.

Note that early adopters will have time to buy the VIN utility tokens at the ICO prices until April 15th. After this, the coins will be available for purchase only on the third party exchanges and for the market prices.

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