New to the Bitcoin world?

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, which means it’s not connected to a central bank. This digital currency uses a technology that is based on a peer-to-peer network, which allows users to perform a transaction in a smart, easy and efficient way.

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Many people see this currency as only a matter of mining, trading and buying more bitcoins. But once you buy Bitcoin, you can actually spend them on everyday products and services as well.

Read on to learn where!

Why Use Bitcoin?

Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash is a smart way of buying the products and services you need when you want to save money. The use of Bitcoin is growing, and is therefore gaining more value.

Spending Bitcoin when traveling or shopping online could save you money because it’s usually cheaper to buy than the local currency, depending on what country you travel from and to.

Bitcoin is an anonymous, fast and universal currency, which makes it more available for people worldwide.

Other advantages using Bitcoin are:

  • Payments are 100% transparent
  • It’s easy to handle
  • It’s decentralized
  • Great for investment
  • It’s peer-to-peer, meaning no expensive middlemen

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Where to Spend Bitcoin Online

Many online companies have embraced Bitcoin by making customers able to pay in their preferred currency.

Among these companies you’ll find websites within different categories like:

Retail and Electronics

Several online stores in the electronic department have started offer Bitcoin user-friendly check outs. This may be a cheaper way for you to buy your essentials. Check out these two stores:

Purse is an online company aiming to make Bitcoins more useful. Here, you’ll find everything and anything you need.

Newegg is the perfectly designed website for people who need anything for their PC and laptop.


Are you into online betting? Several online casinos have started to accept bitcoin as a payment method. Among them, you’ll find:

Sportsbet is an online casino and betting site who offers everything from Live casino to sports betting.


Betcoin is an online casino that was especially designed for Bitcoin. Here, you can play anything from slot machines to casino games.


Traveling on Bitcoin could save you a lot of money, as the Bitcoin is a decentralized currency. For you it means that you don’t have to worry about exchange rates and fees, as you would normally do.

Norwegian Airlines

Norwegian Airlines are planning to let their customers pay in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Owner Bjørn Kjos said that he believes that there’s a future in cryptocurrencies, and that it will only continue to grow.

Want to get cheaper tickets in business class? is a website who focuses on business class travelers. Here, you can find cheaper tickets than what you would do on your own, and you can pay in Bitcoin.

Gift cards

Avoid exchange rates, save on unnecessary fees, and pay in Bitcoin for gift cards that you can use all over the world. is a website that sells gift cards from all over the world. You can pay in Bitcoin for gift cards such as Skype,, Viber, Reddit, iTunes, and several others.


Want to buy your morning coffee in Bitcoin? Starbucks, and several other American chains, now accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

The process of paying is similar to other methods, such as Google Pay. You’ll only need the Spedn app – follow the instructions for setting up an account – and then you can pay through the use of a QR code.