The news that BongaCams – the world’s largest and most successful webcam site – is launching an NFT project has met with much interest among collectors and those involved in the crypto world. BongaNFT will launch in January 2022, to celebrate the 10th birthday of BongaCams. Let us explain what an NFT is, why there is great excitement about BongaNFT, and how you can become involved and buy your own BongaNFT which will be unique to you.

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for Non-fungible Token. Fungible buy definition means ‘interchangeable.’ Therefore, an NFT is not interchangeable. These unique items can take the form of artwork – as in this case – or even audio clips. Here’s an example that might make things clearer: if you exchange two $5 notes for one $10 the value remains the same. They can be interchanged. An NFT cannot, and therefore has its own specific value. But you probably know all this, so what’s special about BongaNFT?

What Makes BongaNFT Special?

Owners of a BongaNFT ( not only have a unique item that may be of some worth, but they also have a part of the rich and sensational history of BongaCams itself. When we consider that the website has 50,000,000 visitors every day, it is easy to see why BongaNFT’s – which will be limited to 10,000 items in the Anniversary Collections – makes for a potentially lucrative purchase. While all NFT’s are collectable, there is no doubt there will be great interest in the BongaNFT launch.

Can I Buy a BongaNFT?

Anyone can buy a BongaNFT when they are launched for sale on January 20th. Although each BongaNFT has its own level of rarity, all are priced at 0.15 ETH. The BongaNFT tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain. This means that to purchase you will need to open a payment wallet with MetaMask. This is a simple process that you will be guided through when you apply.

How Much is a BongaNFT Worth?

At the time of writing 0.15 ETH is equivalent to around $550. What you are buying is a beautifully created item of digital art that represents the female form in a tasteful and quite delightful image. The value of each BongaNFT is impossible to determine until they begin to appear on the NFT markets. Many NFT’s in different forms have fetched quite considerable amounts when auctioned, and the unique and special element of BongaNFT’s is expected to help them become desirable.

Other Benefits of BongaNFT

BongaCams is not just a webcam site as it also has a thriving community element, and BongaNFT intends to enhance this with its own decentralized community in which all owners of a BongaNFT will play a part in the future of the project. Furthermore, regular raffles for members will be held. Prizes include VIP membership at BongaCams, 10,000 tokens, and exclusive NFT’s. Keep an eye on the calendar and remember that date – January 20th, 2022 – as the BongaNFT limited Anniversary Collection is sure to sell fast.

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