CryptoDragons is one of the most prominent NFT dragon metaverses. More so, NFT is the most trending topic in the tech world. Surprisingly, some NFTs on the market are literally worth millions.

In fact, the cheapest CryptoPunk can be purchased for 100 ETH, and the most expensive Alien or Ape Punk costs 2000 ETH. Amid the second wave of the NFT boom, a new Ethereum-based project is launched that centers on NFT dragons. Many NFT enthusiasts also love the CryptoDragons concept.

CryptoDragons is a full-fledged dragon Metaverse where one-of-a-kind digital dragons breed, fight and most importantly – generate income.

CryptoDragons CEO and the co-founder Nari said,

“We are bringing to the spotlight a dragon Metaverse with its own language, grammar, legend, and elements of entertainment combined with earning opportunities. So far our dragons are the only ones with blockchain DNA, and we are presenting the first fully blockchain-based battling Arena”.

According to the projects’ official website, CryptoDragons Metaverse will emerge from a limited 10K Eggs.

Only those community members who hold CryptoDragons Egg NFTs will receive two NFTs after minting and hatching – an Eggshell and the dragon.

Overall, all NFT dragons will be classified as Commons, Rares, Epics, and Legendaries, based on their exclusive genome. However, only Legendary dragon owners will receive 50% of platforms breeding earnings straightforward to their wallets. They will earn just by keeping their NFTs.

No doubt, NFTs will be critical to the next stage of the Internet’s evolution, and investors who ignore them will miss out on the emerging market and the advantages it gives.

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