Gaming specialists teamed up with cryptocurrency developers to use blockchain technology in an innovative way that would entice the minds of the consumer. By allowing them to be in control of their finances, the merging of the casino and finance industries in recent years has given birth to a plethora of online crypto casinos, therefore Crypto gambling is becoming more and more popular each day. It’s practically normality at this point. Especially with the influence of the worldwide pandemic and how it has shifted the habits of consumers.

Wintomato  bitcoin casino is one of the most prominent crypto casinos around, it has many unique functionalities that you can rarely find in other btc casinos. Bank, Faucet, exchange, chat for community members, rain, tips for fellow players and many more – these are just some of the available functionalities that Wintomato provides to its players. Each of them is very useful for all types of punters. 

  • The Bank feature is a great way to manage one’s finances on the website. What is put in the Bank cannot be used to gamble. 
  • Tip is a great way to give some money to fellow player. 
  • Rain is a great way to give back to the Wintomato community some part of your winnings. 
  • The Faucet function allows the player to get a feel of the website via free crypto.
  • Exchange function allows you to exchange different crypto currencies directly on the website, without using third party platforms.

Fastest Dice 

Dice games have their unique characteristics that set it apart from other available titles in the vast gaming library of Wintomato. They might not be as widespread as blackjack or slots, but they provide an interesting crypto casino experience. In the hearts of many players these games have a special place. 

Wintomato’s dice games have the highest flash rolling capabilities and their in-house dice game allows you to bulk multiple transactions into a single one, which really is a fascinating feature to have. The player can bulk up to 100 rolls into one flash based on their ranking level.

Crypto Sportsbook

Wintomato is also known for its interesting offers on its Sportsbook page where one can have many selections of both traditional and electronic sports. Over 35 different sporting activities can be found on the website.

A variety of sports available is another important factor in determining a Sportsbook’s value to players. The majority of Sportsbooks focus on classic sports like football, tennis, racing, and cricket, which is great for most people. At Wintomato you have freedom of choice, and as electronic sports become more popular in the betting world, they add more and more categories for the players who love to wager on esports leagues. Live betting is also a feature that punters of the Sportsbook seem to be enjoying a lot.

Variety of Slot Games 

There are a variety of slots on the website provided by reputable and competent game developers, like Pragmatic, Yggdrasil, Betsoft and many more. Many games provided by them have immersive features and bonuses. Thematically speaking there are an endless number of slots that have a distinctive feel to them and especially with the 3D slots –  the graphics and the audio that are used on them are fascinating.

Pandora Provably Fair Games 

The Pandora game section on the website has one of the most popular games on the website. For many punters these games are a fan favorite option. All six of the Pandora games including dice are provably fair. These games are: DragonsBless, Dice, Plinko, Sicbo, Roulette, and 777. So, what does provably fair mean? Well, it’s basically allowing any user to see for themselves how the games work. The outcome of any of the mentioned games can be verified through open-sourced code system. The dice bet verifier for example is very easy to use, you just need to put server and client seed alongside nonce and that’s it. 

The transaction system provided by Wintomato is one of the factors that set it apart from its competitors. Lightning-fast gambling experience is evident when exploring the platform alongside a great payout system. With the ultra-fast deposits and swift withdrawals, Wintomato offers almost instant transactions. With its rapid transaction capabilities, Wintomato is the fastest, most secure gambling platform on the web that has emerged in recent months. There are no deposit minimums, and the withdrawal process is completely automated. There’s no need to wait for block confirmations because the website takes anything with 0 confirmation. Visit Wintomato, deposit easily and try your luck!

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