The Ethereum blockchain for the distribution of relief products was successfully used in the United Nations World Food Program.

The Ethereum Blockchain has been used by the UN Building Block to provide a fast and secure delivery of relief supplies. It was tested in Pakistan, in the Sindh region, where it provided food aid as well as financial support.

In particular the provision of money has so far been a major problem for many aid organizations. Lack of transparency and high corruption have led to the percolation of aid money in the past. On the contrary, the transparency and non-manipulability of the blockchains helps.

The public-blockchain used smartphones to authenticate and verify the relief supplies and funds. The recordings on the blockchain were compared with the claim rights of the relief goods recipients.

Farman Ali, representative of the city of Karachi,

“The blockchain can revolutionize the world food program and ensure that families around the world are provided with relief supplies more quickly.”

The pilot program comes from the Innovation Accelerator of the UN World Food Program, based in Munich. There, all ideas and technologies are tested which can improve the supply of food.

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