Nowadays, when bitcoin marching victoriously through the world, lots are puzzled in search for their bitcoin-based payment solutions provider. Indeed you can set up a CC account, but it will take some knowledge and skills. You will have to locally synchronize a blockchain base, utilize and keep your keys properly…a hundred more. You can’t even imagine a number of details to be taken in consideration to make everything run properly. The cryptocurrency is currently pretty much accessible for computer geeks and IT guys, but it is still rather complicated for real use among common people, who don’t command certain knowledge and terminology.

On the other hand, the popularity and growing demand for cryptocurrency gradually produce alternative solutions and approaches. Imagine for a minute, that your crypto-wallet is integrated with a regular bank account. And that working with bitcoin is organized as simply, as if you’d use a regular your regular plastic card or wire your money via an old familiar web interface of your bank account.

Indeed, you’re not mistaken. Progressive banks of this kind where crypto-processing is promptly integrated into client’s account already exist. Here a whole choice of prevalent cryptocurrencies, Mastercard handling and general electronic and P2P-currencies payment capabilities are gathered in a single bank account. As an addition, there is an offer of some extremely advantageous card service conditions.

Worldcore is a young payment service is one of such advanced financial establishment, which bet on trendy blockchain and IT-based digital solutions. A single ultimate “hybrid” account, that solves any problem – a formula chosen by this rapidly growing European Fintech company. All cryptocurrency attributes, such as its simultaneous buying and selling, safekeeping and withdrawal – all that will be available in your bank account right from the box.

Add such all-around accessible abilities of an online remote account set up, ordering the Mastercard by mail to the mix – the choice seems to be perfectly clear.

Little to none of paperwork and complications – whole world of comfort and exclusive opportunities for clients worldwide!

Worldcore is a Czech payment service, fully licensed regulated and legitimized in the Europe Union, which have recently held its successful ICO aiming to scale their business to Europewide level. All of Worldcore’s banking services are certified according to PCI DSS standard, which guaranties the security of your finances’ custody on the accounts of this establishment. Recent title of National Winner in “Best Fintech Startup” nomination of Central Europe Startup Awards 2017, along with Czech Red Cross sponsorship show not only this Fintech company’s innovativeness of, but also its care for people.

Order a card. It is easy to do remotely online. Touch the world of new technology and cryptocurrencies, take a look at biometric identification methods, already integrated in this young advanced Czech bank. Usage of the CC, its withdrawal to your bank account and wiring other payments in whole variety of electronic currencies was never that easy as it was implemented by Worldcore today.


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