One of the world’s largest Bitcoin exchanges in the world has been attacked by hackers. The spoils are plentiful.

The world’s fourth largest Bitcoin exchange Bithumb in South Korea has been successfully attacked by hackers, according to media reports. The attackers were able to access the accounts of the users of the exchange. About Bithumb accounts for approximately 10 percent of all Bitcoin transactions and approximately 20 percent of the trading with the cryptoether Ether.

South Korean media reports from owners of Bithumb accounts, whose accounts were plundered by a total of more than 900,000 euros. The botcoins and ethers were stolen directly from the accounts of the attacked users. Overall, more than 30,000 Bithumb users were affected by the attack. The personal data were also stolen. According to Bithumb were not the enterprise servers attacked, but the computer of an employee. With the data, the attackers could gain access to some accounts via phishing. In some cases, they called the affected customers, gave themselves up as a Bithumb staff and asked for their passwords.

Bithumb had noticed the attack on June 29, and shortly afterwards reported it to the authorities. Money was apparently stolen in 100 cases, so far, so far, so many users have complained about a loss of money and a lawsuit threatened. Bithumb himself has announced that he intends to compensate the affected users financially. It is unclear, however, to what extent this will happen. The problem is the fact that in South Korea the liability for Bitcoin is not yet clear.

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