Classic real-estate markets are saturated to the point when only large investors can benefit from speculation, Xaurum Gamma opens the real-estate business to the small investors and makes it possible to participate with small capital investments.

Following the high standards of their already successful projects

Xaurum Gamma is a commonwealth of the first crypto smart-street, which is comprised of six luxury villas on the island Krk in Croatia on prime tourist real-estate. The main goal of the team behind Xaurum projects is to preserve and increase value. The investments must therefore be long-term, relatively safe, yield the most profit and be augmentable by speculation. Real-estate is a safe investment, especially in a touristic setting. However, the time required for profitability makes it infeasible for small investors and crypto can mitigate this downside.

Team set the high standards with their first project Xaurum – cryptocurrency with a growing gold reserves commonwealth as its base of value. It strives to produce a better form of money regarding its storage of value, and the systemic functions of money such as distributive seigniorage, its elasticity of money supply and profitable inflation. Xaurum has appreciated from the initial 0.00625 $ per XAUR to the current 0.30 $, and has increased its common gold reserves from 1016 g to the current 129251 g. Xaurum Gamma is a commonwealth within the Xaurum commonwealth, that applies the concept of Xaurum within its established economic framework, and benefits both. Gamma increases the use of Xaurum and its coinage, and Xaurum enhances the value of Gamma.

Transparancy Ensured by Real Time Economy

Using blockchain and Xaurum economic mechanisms, the holders of Gamma will participate in the real-estate venture, that increases the valuation with the completion of construction alone and further increases it by expanding the construction of new objects. Blockchain implementation also decreases the liquidity risk, by providing the user with the option of selling only parts of the holdings that avoid the loss of value that usually occurs when attempting fast liquidation of real-estate, and therefore enables the user to preserve the majority of investment value. Xaurum Gamma also alleviates the problems of location, by including the investors from all over the world in the projects built in EU and USA, usually reserved for large corporations. Last, but not least, the Gamma project enables a greater degree of transparency by using the blockchain to present all economic activity in real-time ( on the platform, which is very useful for exactly these kinds of projects, that require full transparency of the business to investors, regardless of the quantity of investment.

One fifth of the desired amount collected in just 14 hours after ICO was opened

Pioneers in the field of linking digital assets with physical worth started their second ICO in the beginning of August and in first 14 hours they already collected 20% of desired amount. Xaurum Gamma ICO offers the ratio of 1:1, based on the costs of construction of building a luxury tourist real-estate, making the risk of loss of investment small, with a high chance of growth, by using the Xaurum mechanisms. What needs to be especially emphasized is that the Gamma holders, can always exchange their share of tokens for a villa according to the ratio, even if the market price of the tokens is zero. For those who were interested in participating in the first cryptocurrency smart street construction can read up about their ICO here

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