Decentralized Community ecosystem considerably grows in this  year. in particular Ethereum Community gets a tremendous growth while six month.

Tokenized ecosystem resolve  many problem in this market.

XNC is a Project to build a Decentralized Antique Shareing Platform. XNC project was started in 2015 as proof of stake consensus system. in december 2016 token creation event has been concluded and starting as XNC 2.0 project. Antique Coin is a first product that will be launch next week. Antique Coin has physical and digital values because it build by Gold, Silver, platina, and many scarce resource and build on Ethereum smart contract. XNC has a next generation feature of Financial system. it mean that provide a Hash Registry to Store a certificate data. herewith, User send and exchange that certificate to the XNC token and other ERC-20 based token. XNC project will release market place mid 2018. and Token baountiy program release soon. reality value and digital value will integrate by XNC project. project goal is building ecosystem that Peer to Peer Payment and Credit system for global unbanked users. people just happly to get and buy Antique and Digital currencies. XNC project site is here (

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