Yondo ICO To Shape The Future of Online Video With Artificial Intelligence

Mentioned amongst Google Docs, Slack and Mailchimp as one of the“Top 9 Must-Have Online Tools” on Forbes.com[1]. The world’s all-in-one ecommerce video solution Yondo goes crypto to shape the future of online video.

Yondo provides businesses with the platform to sell services via a range of video options. The platform operates in 114 countries, offering integrations with over 30 of the world’s top online services and experiencing business growth of over 200% in the last 6-months. All business owners do is content and Yondo does the rest  from video embedding to managing automated emails for session confirmations and reminders.

Now, Yondo is upgrading the platform with the latest in tech trends via its ICO:

AI-based video. AI implementation means that a specially-developed video bot will be able to provide users with information as the video is playing.

The video bot can easily generate information related to the video, whether it is a recipe list in a cooking show or to clarify a fact in a history lecture. The bot makes the viewer totally immersed in a completely accessible video. This revolutionary technology takes business promotion and user interactivity to a whole new level.

Blockchain network. Blockchain will be developed to back-up AI-based technology and decentralize computing for the platform. In addition, blockchain technology will make payment transactions transparent, reduce fees and serve as a platform for Yondo loyalty programs. Smart Contract functionality will also be based on blockchain network.

Yondo Tokens promises strong growth as they will be widely used within the already popular platform and directly connected to the company rewards system. Learn more about YON distribution in Yondo’s White Paper.

If you were looking for a promising product that’s ready to go, Yondo is your ICO of choice. Be part of the future of online video, with Yondo’s presale.


Contact information

Valeriya Shcherbina

Communications manager

[email protected]

[1] https://www.forbes.com/sites/steveolenski/2016/01/07/9-tools-you-need-when-launching-a-consulting-firm/#4880a08f13bd


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