An exciting week for this digital currency as it joins the Cryptopia exchange and launches a new roadmap.

30 JUNE 2018: Up until now, Zixx was a cryptocurrency that offered high masternode rewards and generated generous funds for charitable causes. There’s a lot more to it than that. This week, Team Zixx have revealed an exciting roadmap, and gone live on cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia.

What does Zixx have in store for the crypto world?

Q3: 2018

Cryptopia Listing

On 28 June, Zixx went live on Cryptopia, the popular New Zealand crypto exchange. This is welcome news for holders, as it adds trading volume to the coin on a larger stage. In two days we have seen Zixx double in price.

Fiat Gateway

Soon you can buy and sell Zixx with Euro. Direct Euro/XZX and XZX/Euro Pairings.

Extended Bounty Campaign

Campaign to promote Zixx on social media platforms, including bitcointalk.

Zixx Web Platform (beta launch)

This is a hub for crypto/masternode enthusiasts. Zixx powers all the transactions. This development demonstrates that Zixx is not just another coin. It is just the beginning of Zixx’ application as a real currency.

Planned features include:

  • Automated multi-coin shared masternode service
  • Masternode reviews, rankings and information

Q4: 2018


Zixx and its charitable body, Zixx Foundation registered as corporate entities.

Whitepaper Published

Bitfineon Listing

Pending approval, Zixx to trade on Bitfineon cryptocurrency exchange.

Eudaemon (beta launch)

A blockchain-powered app that performs verified actions to easily install, monitor, upgrade and repair masternodes.

Charity Governance Enabled

Masternode holders can vote on funding charity projects proposed by members of the community.

Multi-platform Bots

Reddit and Telegram Bots launch (beta versions)


  • Hardware Wallets
  • Hardware Masternodes
  • Top-tier exchange listing
  • Project ‘Capita’ – A marketing platform that is powered by Zixx.


Some exciting developments are coming down the road from Zixx. We’re anticipating some good things from this team over the coming months. Time to log onto Cryptopia, buy some Zixx, and hold tight.


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