Cex.IO Review

Cex.IO Review

June 24, 2016 BST |

CEX.IO Review

Security is the first thing that comes to mind when one looks for Bitcoin exchange. The overall poor security record of many Bitcoin wallet and trading services has prompted users to choose wisely, and it now very well shows in the services of these exchanges as well. They are found to have installed adequate security protocols on their platforms to resist/rollback any kind of online attack.

As our team did its tests on CEX.IO, one of the first Bitcoin exchanges to have born since the inception of the digital currency, we noticed how it has emphasized strongly on its security over the years. It is impressive and worthy to discuss, for it justifies CEX.IO’s overall concern towards users’  satisfaction — the foundation of a reliable Bitcoin exchange service.


So Is It Safe to Trade on CEX.IO?

Absolutely! Right from the moment users sign up on CEX.IO, they are given with plenty of features to secure their funds from external influence. The first and the foremost is Two Factor Authentication (or 2FA), a feature which adds an additional layer of security to users’ login attempts. The One-Time-Passwords created via this feature ensure that users’ login codes remain impenetrable and dynamic in nature.


CEX.IO further ensures to protect its platform from Distributed Denial of Service attacks (or DDOS). The Bitcoin trading platform has installed adequate tools to repel such malicious attempts, thereby limiting hackers from obstructing users’ trading experience. Furthermore, the user data is always encrypted, compliant with PCI DSS standards, to avoid identity thefts.


How about Services and Features?

CEX.IO is by far one of the most evolving Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading platforms. Over the recent years, the company has catered for users’ growing demands, whether it is related to adding more instruments or payment options. Time after time, CEX is proving itself to be an ideal platform for both novice and seasonal traders.


Here is the list of CEX’s foremost features:

  • Cross Platform Trading (via Website, mobile app, WebSocket and REST API)
  • Limit and Market Orders available
  • Real Time Data Tools available
  • Worldwide coverage (including 24 USA states)
  • Low Commissions (only 0-0.2% on all trades)
  • Low Spread
  • Highly Liquid
  • Popular Payment Options available (including VISA, MasterCard, Wire, Bitcoin, etc.)


Is CEX.IO Legal?

Yes indeed! CEX.IO is officially registered with FinCEN (UK) as a MONEY SERVICES BUSINESS. The company enjoys a fruitful partnership with banks around the globe to ensure smooth payment and deposit experience for users. Also, CEX’s legal compliance also protects users from security risks.


Customer Support

A strong customer support is the backbone of every business, and CEX.IO doesn’t shy away from providing it. The exchange has a 24/7 customer grievance cell to answer all their queries, and fix all their issues within a timely and professional manner. The staff there is quite knowledgable, and a good listener.



Overall, CEX.IO gives us no reason to turn our eyes away from it. It is a very professional Bitcoin trading platform, and is already offering services to over half millions users cross the globe — with a stable track record in terms of security.


Recommended with hearts and brains!