People paying attention to altcoins will have noticed the Dash value went up tremendously as of late. That is not surprising, considering Dash partners with BlockPay to enable POS purchases. It will soon be possible to spend Dash at select brick-and-mortar locations A positive development for this long-standing altcoin, as more use cases are always a good thing.

Many enthusiasts see Dash as the fastest growing cryptocurrency throughout 2017. Looking at the price charts, these people are certainly right. The altcoin has seen a significant value increase these past few weeks and even set an ATH of US$24 this week. It appears even better things are on the horizon for Dash and its supporters, thanks to a partnership with BlockPay.

Throughout Q1 of 2017, the Dash team has cultivated several corporate alliances. Looking for ways to spend this altcoin in the real world is the number one priority right now. Without proper use cases, cryptocurrencies have no intrinsic value. By partnering with BlockPay, that situation will change soon for Dash. BlockPay is active as a provider of point-of-sale terminals to retailers in Europe and Latin America.

BlockPay brings Dash To POS Terminals

Both of those regions could use more competition in the payment sector. Bitcoin, Dash, and other cryptocurrencies can offer many benefits to both consumers and retailers. BlockPay offers POS transactions without fees to merchants and extremely low fees to consumers. Adding Dash to their growing list of supported cryptocurrencies is a big move for BlockPay, that much is certain.

BlockPay CEO Christoph Hering commented on the news as follows:

“We added Dash because we see a huge potential in the very active Dash community and in the underlying scaling technology of Dash. At the moment, Bitcoin has a big problem from a consumer perspective. The slow transaction speed, the high transaction fees and the speculative nature of Bitcoin make it very unsexy for everyday consumption. Now, comparing the altcoin ecosystem, many struggle with user adoption, high volatility and a missing business orientation. I think that the Dash Network is different, because it has a strong and active community, a great worker system funding growth and marketing plus an active development team that is building the right tools for mass adoption.”

Bringing the world of retail and cryptocurrency closer together is an important step forward. Digital currencies will be an integral part of our society’s future. It is beneficial for consumers to get acquainted with the concept at an early stage. BlockPay removes the high fees and technological hurdles associated with accepting electronic payments. Moreover, the risk of chargebacks is eliminated completely. Dash users will be able to pay as a terminal by scanning a QR code or using NFC. All transactions will be completed in mere seconds.

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