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Entrepreneurs by their very nature are disruptive. Essentially, this means they want to change or fix things to make them better.  They are not happy with the status quo and feel they can improve the situation.  This trait in entrepreneurial ventures creates tensions and competition.  It is at the heart of the best businesses ever created.

Just look at Apple and how Steve Jobs etc wanted to change how we interacted with computers.  They were not happy with Microsoft Windows and wanted a new experience, so they re-engineered it.  They moved away from the bloody red ocean of desktops and laptops and created their BLUE OCEAN, where they owned the game.

This is exactly what Justin Sun and the TRON [TRX] team are doing right in front of our eyes.

By creating Web 4.0 where TRON re-invent the Internet for us, it is deep diving into a new Blue Ocean with huge potential for change, growth, innovation, and commerciality.  This is a massive undertaking that many of us throughout the world have been waiting for.  But it will need bags of cash to execute on it. And this is where we will truly see if TRON has the financial muscle to make it big.

After its ICO, TRON is busily working on the blockchain basics.  But, to keep the developer, programmer and layman community happy, it will need big investment to continue its journey.  The COIN when it takes control of itself will need more than a few bumps up the crypto exchanges.  It will need serious institutional investment as it grows.  But, where will this come from?

Already, it is rumored that Jack Ma of Alibaba is “in”.  But, a great deal more will be needed either from Mr. Ma or his chums for this project to gain serious international momentum inside and outside China.  Only then can TRON aim to become the next Apple.  And it will, if properly funded.

While many speculate on price in the short term, the real money that will make this coin a big win for all is on serious investors who already have big bucks.

This is the challenge that we must put to Justin Sun, who also stands to become a crypto billionaire, as he creates his new Blue Ocean.

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