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It’s only natural for the crypto investors to want to see their chosen coin’s growth, expansion, and progress, in general. The same goes for Cardano (ADA) community, which is among the strongest and most vocal ones. The community is keeping a close eye on the coin’s progress, eagerly expecting any and all Cardano (ADA) news that would bring something new.

According to the coin’s roadmap, it still continues steadily on its course. The developers are working on creating a secure, decentralized network, developing a Quantum-resistant signature tech, and, of course, are working on the Daedalus wallet.

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Despite all of this, the community is still getting impatient in their desire to see the progress of their favorite coin. Because of it, they recently put a lot of pressure on the Cardano’s chairman.

Cardano Chairmen under fire

Only yesterday, Cardano ADA news about the Foundation’s chairman, Michael Parsons, being under fire on Twitter spread all over the internet. The coin’s fans were not shy of criticizing Parsons, claiming that his commitment to the project is low. According to them, this is the reason why the coin’s development has been so slow recently, and why Cardano’s ecosystem has failed to grow as much as it could.

Some even asked for Parson’s resignation, believing that others would be able to do more for the coin’s growth.

Additionally, the upcoming London meetup was recently canceled without sufficient explanation. It would seem that many in the Cardano community were looking forward to it, and were even planning on attending it. Because of this, Parsons also received numerous questions regarding the event’s cancelation.

Clearly, the community is not satisfied with where Cardano is going at the moment, or at least, with the speed at which it’s traveling towards that destination. However, some also started to wonder whether Parsons’ role in the progress of the blockchain is actually as significant as many believe.

How much can Parsons actually influence the project?

Despite what many in the crypto community believe, the chairman’s role in the project’s growth is actually pretty important. Especially when considering the mission of the Cardano Foundation. Parsons is not only an important influence on the project’s overall growth, but his role is especially important in the short-term development.

Cardano’s goal at the moment is to expand its community, as well as its ecosystem. Because of this, many believe that it is Parsons’ responsibility to represent the project and increase its exposure. That way, more investors would join the Cardano community, and the coin would become that much stronger.

We can see just how much a good representative of the coin can make a difference when we take a look at TRON’s (TRX) Justin Sun. Sun is famous for being the most vocal crypto representative on Twitter, and because of that, it is among the best-known individuals in the entire crypto world. Following his efforts, TRON has managed to create just as vocal community, which is probably the strongest and most supportive community in the space.

Considering Parsons’ modest approach to spreading awareness about Cardano, it is understandable why the community is not satisfied with his efforts. Still, Cardano has always been known for taking its time and paying more attention to detail and quality. Because of that, and its very capable team, the coin continues to meet all of its milestones, and thus continue to grow at its own pace. Even so, the argument could be made that a more efficient method of spreading the awareness would be good for Cardano.

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