China’s Center of Information Industry Development (CCID) has released the latest edition of its monthly ‘Cryptocurrency Rating Index’. EOS and Ethereum maintain their first and second place positions for the third consecutive month. Meanwhile, Komodo (KMD) has moved into third place after finishing in ninth place last month. Leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin is up from 16th place to tenth.

China’s Cryptocurrency Rating Index is a monthly publication which ranks the worlds top cryptocurrencies in 3 categories: technology, application, and total inventiveness. These scores are accumulated to create an overall rating and are then ranked on the index. This month’s rating index features 33 coins.

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A Closer Look at China’s Updated Cryptocurrency Rankings

EOS continues to hold the lead as the top-ranked cryptocurrency for the third consecutive month since launching its platform in June. Up from its 145.6 score from the previous month, EOS now holds a score of 158.7. This score is just shy of its 161.5 high score following the platform’s initial launch.

Former top-rated cryptocurrency Ethereum also held on to its second-place position for another month. Ethereum saw a nearly 3 point improvement in its overall score from the July index and is now rated at 139.

Things then begin to really shake up in the rankings, as Komodo, with a score of 111.3 has moved into third place, replacing Nebulas (now fourth). Komodo finished in 9th place last month but has since passed popular cryptos like Steem, Stellar and NEO.

NEO holds on to its 5th place position for a second consecutive month, followed by Stellar, Lisk, GXChain, Steem and Bitcoin.

The world’s leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has returned to prominence. Rated 16th last month, Bitcoin saw significant gains in its innovation score, boosting the original cryptocurrency back into the top 10.

Other notable coins include Cardano in 14th, Ripple tying with Ark in 15th position, Ethereum Classic up to 19th, IOTA in 22nd, followed by Monero in 23rd and Zcash up to 25th. These coins posted overall ratings of 95.9, 95.7, 90.3, 88, 84.1 and 81.8 respectively.

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