What is CLOUT
CLOUT is an online platform that will unify the cryptocurrency community, providing investors and enthusiasts alike a home, and one stop shop for all things crypto. CLOUT is the solution to the problem that all people in the cryptocurrency space are currently experiencing; there is no one reliable resource that is dedicated to high quality information as it pertains to the entire crypto space. From ICO’s to how to’s, to breaking news, CLOUT will be this community generated network serving as the #1 home of crypto worldwide.

All users will be rewarded in CLC, CLOUT’s daughter token, based on quality of platform interaction. Posting, commenting, upvoting and being a part of the “crowd wisdom voting polls” all earn users CLC.. This system ensures that only high quality posts, comments, and ICO’s rise to the forefront of the platform. CLC is the fuel that runs the Network, CLOUT tokens are what generate CLC.

Top Level Security

CLOUT is built on Ethereum and is one of the first ever projects to be using the upgraded ERC-223 tokens. These tokens can be stored the same as ERC-20 tokens on and the Ledger Nano. They also have the added functionalities of preventing lost tokens and uses half the gas of ERC-20’s. ERC-223 is also an evolving standard designed to resist quantum computing attacks.

New Team Additions

The CLOUT team has recently brought on
two new major additions to their team:

David Cohen (CEO): David A. Cohen is internationally renowned for his pioneering work in the Decentralized Software industry and recently in the Digital Currency and Blockchain industry. David was a member of the IOTA Foundation during the IOTA Token Cryptocurrency launch which reached a $1.7 Billion market cap on the first day of trading, as reported by Forbes Magazine on June 13, 2017. David was named as one of the Top 100 Movers and Shakers in the SmartGrid by Greentech Media. He was the founder and CEO of Infotility where he pioneered the “Grid Edge” unlocking multi-billion dollar software markets and creating the industry’s first artificial intelligence-based software platform – GridAgents™. David is a thought leader and has spoken at many venues such as MIT, TEDx, Consensus, Blockchain 100X and Singularity University. He is an expert on Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Edge Computing. David is also an active board member of IOTA.

Ryan Fugger (Chief Advisor): Ryan Fugger is a currency innovator and web/systems developer who founded the original Ripple project in 2004 with the concept of an open, decentralized network capable of routing payments through multiple intermediaries simultaneously. Ripple merged with Jed McCaleb’s OpenCoin in 2012 to form Ripple Inc. (XRP) and this concept is now in the Ripple Consensus Ledger and the Interledger Protocol. His current work consists of consulting blockchain projects and other decentralized systems. Ryan brings his peer to peer expertise and will be involved in the development of the CLOUT platform and its functionality among members.

Investing in the PRE-ICO & ICO

For PRE-ICO and ICO, investors are rewarded with a 1 : 1 free CLC for every CLOUT token purchased, which will both be distributed upon completion of the ICO.

CLOUT’s PRE-ICO is available now until either the sell out of their 3 Million tokens at $1 USD, or October 26th 2017 24:00 CEST. CLOUT’s official ICO begins October 27th.


⦁ PRE-ICO : 3 million tokens (3%) will be distributed during the PRE at $1.00 (USD)
⦁ TIER 1: 4 million tokens (4%) will be distributed during the ICO at $2.50 (USD)
⦁ TIER 2: 2 million tokens (2%) will be distributed during the ICO at $5.00 (USD)
⦁ TIER 3: 1 million tokens (1%) will be distributed during the ICO at $10.00 (USD)
*CLC will be distributed along with CLOUT tokens on a 1:1 ratio for all tiers above*

Participants in the CLOUT ICO can use ETH or BTC in exchange for CLOUT. PRE-ICO has a minimum of 10 ETH or 1 BTC. Please send your deposit using a wallet (MyEtherWallet).
DO NOT send funds from an exchange.

Sean Kirtz – Founder
David A. Cohen – CEO
Ryan Fugger – Chief Advisor
Dean James – Co-founder -COO
Frank Lucido – Co-founder
Simon Josef – Co-founder -Design Lead
Serge Nikitin – CFO
Dennard Small – CMO
Destiny Aigbe – Securities Counsel
Jeff Kirdeikis – Social Media Manager
Bonnie Normile – PR Manager
Vilma Mattila – International Business Counsel
Andrew Zubko – Blockchain Developer
Ihor Pidruchny – Development Team Lead
Jen Buakaew – Marketing Manager

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