Bitcoin Press Release: ZEUS is a blockchain start-up that combines a waste processing plant with a cryptocurrency mining farm. Starting October 1, 2017, ZEUS will offer its Ethereum-based tokens to crowdsale participants. ZEUS Token will allow to investors to participate in the project’s development and entitle them to receiving high and stable income.

September 25, 2017, Dresden, Germany — The average human generates about 300kg of waste annually. Today, the population of the earth is about 7.5 billion people and is projected to reach 8 billion by 2024. In the EU, about 2 billion tons of garbage per year are formed, of which about 200 million tons are household waste. This issue is the heart of FinTech start-up, Zeus.

ZEUS is the world’s first blockchain-based recycling company specializing in recycling garbage into electricity for cryptocurrency mining. Leveraging technical expertise and blockchain technology, ZEUS is developing a EcoCryptoMining project that combines waste management and processing to solve the biggest problem with cryptocurrency mining: electricity. The electricity generated by the company’s plant will be used in powering a cryptocurrency mining farm.  

This unique “green production” platform is set to solve not only the energy consumption needs of the cryptocurrency mining community, but will also commercialize the other by-products of recycling as part of its environmental consciousness and financial empowerment program.

Cryptocurrency mining hardware has become far more efficient compared to a few years ago at the cost of increased electricity consumption per device. This is especially true for Bitcoin, whose increasingly excessive electricity consumption makes it impossible to mine on anywhere else than on a mining farm.

“I always wanted to do something important to improve the ecology of our planet” Serg Bayev, the project’s Escrow said.

“I had experience in the field of waste processing prior to this project. As cryptocurrencies developed and grew in popularity, my friends decided to start mining. It so happened that this was the year we met with Boleslav Wojciechowski, an active miner in Poland. Our conversations frequent conversations often revolves around the issue of electricity, its consumption, its role in the mining process and its value. This was when we came up with the idea of combining waste processing with a mining farm. We immediately contacted my good friend and an excellent professional with experience in implementing recycling projects in Europe – Alexei Karasev, who was right away invited to become our partner and project technical director.”

To fund the development of the project, ZEUS will issue its Ethereum-based tokens to the public as proof-of-membership. 1,000,000 tokens will be sold during its pre-ICO campaign at €0.5 each, or its equivalent in BTC/ETH.

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Location: Dresden, Germany

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