ConsenSys Ventures, has finalised the selections of blockchain startups which will be participating in its accelerator program Tachyon. Tachyon is the first ethereum-focused accelerator program ever, and it was launched in June 2018. This is the program’s second run. A total of 10 startups has been selected for the second version of the accelerator program

ConsenSys Ventures Owned Accelerator

According to the announcement made by ConsenSys Ventures the selected startups are ones focused on developing new blockchain-based solutions across data privacy, encryption, healthcare and decentralized finance, and so on.

The chosen startups will enjoy benefits which are not open to others in the same field. This benefit includes meetings and lectures from “prominent” entrepreneurs, ethereum developers and venture capitalists. The startups will also have access to ConsenSys’ network.
The program is going to run in just two locations, Berlin and San Francisco.

The German Bundestag, Germany’s parliament, is reportedly holding a session today where they will be talking about the different areas covered by Tachyon. These areas include early-stage startup incubation, legal, and marketing. The session will also have each of the teams in the accelerator present.

In a recent announcement, a German member of parliament Alexander Kulitz said that:

“The best support a government can give to innovative entrepreneurs and startups is to avoid unnecessary and unneeded regulations. It is not up to the politicians to decide if a product or an entrepreneurial idea should be successful or not. The decision has to be made by the demand of the people on free economic markets. Politicians are only to guarantee a level playing field on free and fair markets.”

Names of Tachyon Accepted Startups

*.Blockchain-enabled DNA data bankGenomes

*.Energy market-focused blockchain startup Blok-Z

*.Protocol for self-sovereign identity Glimpse

*.Blockchain-backed data authenticity software maker

*.Litigation finance investment platform Lawcoin

*.Cryptocurrency security storage solutions provider Cypherock

*.Manufacturer of customized printed cryptocurrency cards

*.Smart contract and transaction security firm Sooho

*.Blockchain-based micro-insurance firm Ibisa

*.Open source protocol maker for including digital assets into links LinkDrop.


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