The IOTA Foundation is preparing to take its most important step to date in the maturity of the IOTA protocol — realizing the dream of a permissionless and scalable distributed ledger technology (DLT). We refer to this event as Coordicide: the death of the Coordinator.

Decentralized & Permissionless

Unlike other DLTs, IOTA’s solution does not compromise decentralization in any way.

Scalable & Lightweight

Truly limitless scalability with no protocol-related bottlenecks. The network is limited only by hardware and the laws of physics.

Feeless & Data Transaction

Feeless transactions enable the secure transfer of data and values between humans and machines, opening up new business models based on micro-payments.

Finality within Seconds

Transactions reach finality in seconds without having to wait for confirmations by external entities. A massively reduced need for reattachments increases the reliability of transactions.

Modular & Future Proof

Much like the Internet Protocol, a layered approach enables extension of the base protocol through additional modules.

Reliable Governance & Open Source

The nonprofit organization behind IOTA drives the adoption and evolution of its free and open source technology without any collusion of interests with 3rd parties like miners.