Are you still wondering what could be the best crypto investment for 2022 ? Cryptogiver launches GIVER  which will govern all the next projects in this ecosystem, while offering 7% reflective rewards in THANKS, the token 2000 times rarer than Bitcoin.

The hyper-rare golden eggs

There is no shortage of reflection tokens in the cryptocurrency market such as Safemoon and many more. These tokens are equal in the sense that they offer automatic and passive income to their holders. This is a great innovation in the industry, but it is still important to make fundamental analysis, because newbies only rush into famous tokens which bring them important losses, when advanced investors take the ones with the best reward to hold : the reward token is the key. That said, the question here is : why THANKS ?

Thanks is first used to show gratitude, so it’s the most appropriate reward token to thank loyal holders, but GIVER team obviously has chosen THANKS because of its tokenomics : there are only 10000 THANKS created, which makes it 2000 times more rare than Bitcoin. It’s just a matter of time before it goes to the moon and never get back on current price levels anymore. And here is the best part : instead of buying one of these rare THANKS on the market, Giver holders receive it for free and automatically in their wallet.

The hyperdeflationary goose

GIVER is the governance token of the Cryptogiver ecosystem, running on BEP-20 or Binance Smart Chain, and using a hybrid Proof-of-staked-authority (PoSA) protocol. Some useful and important mechanisms have been injected to improve its fundamentals : a reflection function to share passive rewards in $THANKS to loyal holders; a sustainability system to offer a solution for the project not to be abandoned in the long term; a decentralized governance process to supervise the working team; a self-funded charity portfolio to achieve the humanitarian goal of the project.

The tokenomics are oriented to achieve these mechanisms. All transactions are taxed at 15% which will is used as follow : 7% to buyback THANKS and split it among GIVER holders according to their wallet length ; 2% is sent to the marketing used to attract more buyers over and over again ; 2% is sent to liquidity pool in order to guarantee that GIVER will always be convertible ; 2% is sent to burn wallet which decreases the offer and makes GIVER more rare each day ; and the last 2% is used for charity events to empower the GIVER community with humanitarian purpose.


Important notice: Cryptogiver is an independently organized scientific study and social experiment. People are free to join and leave this experiment at their own risk. Always do your own research before making decisions, never spend more than you can afford to lose without damage, and know that no one will pay back your likely losses – not even the Cryptogiver team.




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