Bitcoin Press Release: Veteran cryptocurrency portfolio management and trading platform Napston is proud to announce the launch of its brand new automated platform where investors earn passive interest on their crypto.

December 11th, 2018, Hong Kong – Since 2013, Napston has been one of the earliest players in the crypto-space, before the hype had made its way to the mainstream. At this time, Napston was offering its services to corporates and high net worth investors, providing support in the structuring and trading of their cryptocurrency portfolios.

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Neural Network

For some time, Napston has been developing a proprietary technology named Distributed Artificial Neural Networks (DANN); designed to predict markets by pooling processing power from thousands of independent sources, DANN is the cornerstone of the new fully automated trading platform that grants users passive interest gains based on their Bitcoin or Ethereum holdings.

Cryptocurrency trading has been a significant proponent in the growth of blockchain technologies as a whole; volatile lucrative markets and imagined riches have been an allure since its inception, though the process can be rather complex and risky.

That said, Napston has been in the industry for quite some time, and through the market’s formative years the company has navigated the treacherous unpredictability and fluctuations of the market. There are few enterprises that have accrued such experience and success, as well as spending high percentages of profits and time into creating the DANN network.

DANN is a network of nodes inspired by the neural networks found in the human brain; these nodes are programmed to accurately predict the market, though the level of accuracy depends on the processing power available to the network. In order to overcome the issue, Napston is leveraging collective computing power across a highly distributed network of computers.


Napston offers ease of access, generous incentives for users (referral bonuses of over 20%) as well as up to 1.5% interest per business day without needing to do any trading. Additionally, Napston offers instant withdrawals, total transparency, comprehensive reporting, as well as state-of-the-art security and full compliance.

There are three trading packages on the platform that can be purchased with either Bitcoin or Ethereum, they are:

Starter: Minimum $100 in Bitcoin, 1% per day, for 150 days, 3 level referral system

Advanced: Minimum $1000 in Bitcoin, 1.25 % per day, for 150 days, 5 level referral system

Expert: Minimum $5000 in Bitcoin, 1.50 % per day, for 150 days, 10 level referral system

Alex Kenney Head of Media at Napston commented on the launch saying;

“Our just launched trading platform is only about helping you earn a profit on your otherwise dormant Bitcoins or Ethereum, without breaking a sweat yourself”.

These comments ring true, especially considering the bearish conditions that constantly defy the expectations of even a 1% gain each day.

Alex Kenney Head of Media at Napston added;

“We believe there’s serious demand for that and the customers who have already joined us prove that vision”.

To find out more, head to the official Napston website here.

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