Bitcoin Press Release: Announcing the Honey Party, the premier networking and party event in Puerto Rico! The HONEY.PARTY at the Puerto Chico Marina, is brought to you by the incredible people from guld and Academy School of Blockchain!

March 14th, 2018. Marina Puerto Chico, Puerto Rico: If you’re here for either of the Puerto Rican Conferences, you will not want to miss this party! The HONEY PARTY is in the perfect location owned and operated by one of the greatest Crypto Legends in the Space! Let’s make this the Crypto-Party of the year!

Cinco Nudos, Marina Puerto Chico, Puerto Rico

  • March 15, 6:30pm – 11pm

Hosted by the AMAZING “Shining Star” of the Caribbean, the one and only, Ms Ingrid Suarez and Co-host Joe Blackburn, Co-Founder of Crypto Coin Trader, as we welcome all of the Crypto-Space to throw down and wake the Caribbean Up to the Blockchain!

Attendees will be able to enjoy Honey and Herb infused tapas and cocktails, Bee piñatas, a raffle ticket for crypto giveaway and surprise live entertainment.

Ms. Ingrid Suarez

Miss Teen Panama 2013, cryptocurrency enthusiast Ingrid Suarez will also be on this season of Caribbean’s Next Top Model. Ms. Suarez has for many years taken the social media ecosystem by storm with her Instagram having a heavy backing of circa 50,000 followers.

Mr. Joe Blackburn

Joe Blackburn, co-founder of one of the worlds largest cryptocurrency groups on Facebook, Crypto Coin Trader. The group, which was first founded in April 2016 currently holds 104,000 members and serves as an important community group for crypto enthusiasts.


Guld is a decentralized internet platform, which allows individuals to take control of their digital identity by controlling all of their digital data using a unified PGP keyring and an advanced blocktree data structure.

Guld is partnered with numerous private and public institutions to bring a stable and trusted set of cryptographic infrastructure tools to the market.

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