Find-to-Earn (F2E) features CyberCats, a distinctive game based on advanced GameFi and NFT technology. AR technology turns the game into the real world where you can find to earn, move to earn, and develop to earn in one unique game.

The game also appeals to the human instinct of care, as you own a digital pet, a super-powerful character, that you should take care of and train.

The CyberCats mechanics is built so that you generate money whatever you do with your digital cat.

There are two modes available in the game: playing with your cat at its home, Cyberland, or fighting outside.

Cyberland mode. Cyberland is a protected place where a CyberCat recovers and upgrades:

  1. You can play with your cat and upgrade it.
  2. You can improve the pet’s health and stamina levels with fun workouts.
  3. You can boost your CyberCat’s strength with cybernetic parts.

Early investors can get a robot trainer to automate the cat’s training at a private sale.

Street mode. Whatever the activity outside, it brings income.

Here is what you can do outside:

  1. Walk around the city
  2. Kill zombies
  3. Join teams to kill unique zombies
  4. Hunt for food
  5. Play games

Become an integral member of CyberCats by purchasing and holding $CCAT tokens in your Web.3 wallet.

To learn more, visit the website.

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