(South Korea, February 20, 2018) – The job market is finally going the decentralization way. Conn3x (pronounced ‘connex’) has announced its ambitious platform that will create the job market of the future, and it will combine three foremost trends of today: artificial intelligence, blockchain and the decentralized job market. Registrations are now open for the pre-sale phase of the C3X coin beginning February 22, 2018, followed by the main ICO on March 4, 2018.

The present-day job market poses many hurdles to the self-employed, project workers, freelancers and employees in general. Conn3X is thus introducing a personalized job butler (‘James’), who will assist with locating employers and opportunities, creating application letters, and even fixing appointment for interviews. The X11 blockchain will enable peer-to-peer payments using the platform token, which is minable and operates on master nodes for speed and stability. The new job marketplace will translate into ‘decentralized chances’, smart jobs and hassle-free, automated hunting for opportunities.

The Conn3x platform comprises a decentralized payment unit, (C3X coin) and an associated user database based on the X11 algorithm with smart contract support. The database is where companies and applicants can save and manage their profiles, adjust privacy settings on the user interface and make use of the AI assistant similar to Siri. A planned addition is the encrypted video conferencing feature. Another exciting feature is the Conn3X Crypto Debit Card intended for employee expenses and for private users to pay in crypto currencies and withdraw fiat currencies.

“Conn3x aims to become the leading company in the job marketplace thanks to latest blockchain technology and the usage of artificial intelligence. This is the place for job and project seekers to enter and be found, manage time efficiently, and stay anonymous, all at competitive fee payment rates,” said a spokesperson from Conn3x.

To support and enhance its offerings, Conn3x will operate a reward pool (with profits up to 20 percent and credited daily) based on partnerships. There are three modes of earning returns: renting of hash rates on over 100 platforms with proprietary software; participation in coins and ICO, for example existing partners such as Civic, Bankera, SophiaTX, HashFlare, envion and Debitum; and coin loans to fund start-up blockchains.

The C3X token kit comprises 500M coins, with 100M sold in the pre-sale and the main ICO. Post the pre-sales phase, the main ICO for C3X will begin March 4, 2018, followed by addition of mining, staking, masternodes and wallets. The reward pool will be functional in April, and C3X will be listed on exchanges by end of May 2018. A referral program is available for influencers and everyone to promote the platform on websites, email lists, Telegram or Slack groups, with commissions ranging from 0.5-10 percent.

Registration for the pre-sale of C3X is now open at its official page:

For more information, please visit:

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