Digmus is a platform that is set to phase out fake goods in the market and help businesses gain back profits. The platform is designed to benefit both buyers and the sellers.

Digmus have consulted with stakeholders and found a system with which they can use to fight counterfeit goods. The system is divided into two parts: blockchain and a mobile application. The blockchain will be used to store the product key and to track the product movement along the supply chain. This will mainly be controlled by the manufacturer.

The mobile application will be used for verifying the product key and confirming the authenticity of the product by the buyer. With existing methods of fighting the counterfeit goods not working effectively, Digmus offers an efficient and low-cost way of doing so.

Over 7,000,000 Tokens Up For Sale.

Digmus has recently announced the launch of its ICO campaign to raise money for the platform development and implementation by selling its tokens (DGM). The platform has announced the creation of a total of 10,000,000 tokens, out of which 1,000,000 will be distributed among the team members and the first people who invested. 2,000,000 tokens are to be stored in their fund, and the remaining 7,000,000 tokens will be up for sale.

Participants in the Digmus token sale will own a 70% share of the platform’s tokens. Any unsold tokens during the ICO will be destroyed, conserving their value. Regarding the choice of ICO, the CEO of Digmus, Mikhail Nazaruk said that crowdfunding is a great way to raise funds as it will allow new investors to participate and watch the project grow. It also serves as a great alternative in the present scenario capital investments aren’t that popular in Russia.

The Digmus tokens are a part of the Digmus currency (GEN). The GEN coins can be acquired through direct access from Digmus which will cost $0.05 per GEN. The coins can also be exchanged for the tokens previously acquired at a rate of 30% of the issued coins in proportion to the number of coins one had acquired. The coins once received can be sold at any amount one chooses.
For manufacturers, this is a cheap method to use, and the token owners get to earn a profit when they sell their coins.

Digmus has proven to be suitable for fighting the counterfeit goods market which has a turnover of about $600 billion annually. With this efficient technology, it will be able to do away with counterfeit goods and the consumers will enjoy original sustainable products as producers earn a reasonable profit.

More information about the project and the token sale is available at – Facebook community – Telegram chat – BitcoinTalk

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