Crypto ecosystems have always had one of the most challenging user experiences. As a novel space with esoteric technology, many products might be hard to use for the unacquainted. It can be said that the accelerated adoption in recent years has been pushed by more and more projects prioritizing UX design. 

Even though there are numerous crypto applications and online platforms dedicated to cryptocurrency, there is still a problem around the infrastructure. The “if you build it, they will come” phase is coming to an end. New players are working harder to enter the market and existing players have to optimize their operations and make their tools easier to use. Successful projects capture more users and simultaneously raise the bar for everyone else in the market.

Recognizing this trend, ChilliSwap right from its inception was designed with user experience in mind. ChilliSwap is an NFT marketplace and a DEX platform that allows users to trade tokens, yield, farm, or stake in addition to being a fine art NFT marketplace. It is a decentralized multi chain platform that allows users to stake on Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain without requiring a single owner or operator.

Why ChilliSwap’s UX is one of the best in the business? 

Perhaps the most candid component of UX usability refers to how easily users interact with a website or product. In addition to merely being pleasing to the eye, a usable design is fast, frictionless, and error-tolerant. ChilliSwap ensures this by their intuitive user experience with an equally good flow on the website and mobile. 

In this age of instant gratification, having a fast load speed is critical for the perpetually impatient. ChilliSwap’s design opens seamlessly at lower connection speeds too. Good UX design has the end-user in mind and, when applied to an exchange, should go above and beyond to make the lives of traders easier. Thus, it was crucial for a DEX like ChilliSwap to use more common language and to explain blockchain terminology in layman’s terms.

ChilliSwap gives its users the ability to swap their cryptocurrencies. They have their Liquidity pools where the liquidity providers have an opportunity to earn a 0.3% fee on all trades proportional to their share of the pool. Other earning opportunities come in the form of staking where users can earn interest by adding Uniswap LP or Ether. To add to it, ChilliSwap also features an NFT marketplace that further enriches the ecosystem. Additionally, users can read news and get updates on the same platform. Most of the average user’s DeFi needs are catered to by ChilliSwap’s platform. One of the most attractive features of ChilliSwap may be its real-time analytics and fraud filters.

Integrating all these features into an immersive experience is what sets ChilliSwap apart from other Decentralized exchanges. To help propel the adoption of CHLI Token, the token which drives and operates the seamless ecosystem, ChilliSwap is launching an “Early Access Rewards”. The program is exclusive to ChilliSwap users as they have the opportunity to collect the highly sought-after CHLI Rewards. Additionally, the rewards ensure that creators are kept at the forefront of the ChilliSwap Dex and can fully leverage NFT technology to their utmost benefits. 

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