Cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, are an asset worth holding onto given that it is worth more than $110 billion in market cap. And did you know there is another way to get free bitcoin now apart from using fiat currencies to buy them?

You can get free bitcoins by either mining or trading or referral. Since the platform has evolved, crypto enthusiasts have started owning crypto coins instead. But, you can still get bitcoins for free with CoinSwitch.

Instead of wasting your time mining or trading, you can simply earn free bitcoin instantly with CoinSwitch’s referral program. The referral program is pretty straightforward. Become a CoinSwitch user and refer new users and get awarded with a pro rata portion of new users’ earnings. This isn’t anything like a pyramid scheme because whether the value of Bitcoin depreciates or appreciates, you will get a stable return.

CoinSwitch Referral Program – Earn free Bitcoin in 2019

Both the referer and referee get $5 in BTC after a transaction takes place making this referral program the easiest way to earn free bitcoins.

How to get started with the CoinSwitch Referral program

1. Create a profile

You have to become a CoinSwitch user first before you can share the referral link with others.

2. Get the link

After creating your profile here, you will get a referral link that you can now share across your network.

3. Get free bitcoin every second

Every user that uses your link to sign up and makes a transaction worth $100 or more, you will receive $5 instantly in your account. Even the referee gets $5 after they make the transaction.

That’s not all. From the referee’s 2nd transaction onwards, you get 25% of CoinSwitch’s revenue forever.

If you’ve been searching for how to earn bitcoins fast, you can finally end your search here. With CoinSwitch, you can earn Bitcoin without ever investing fiat currency and both the referer and referee get free bitcoins.

Why CoinSwitch has the best referral program

Most referral programs focus on the referer but CoinSwitch allows the referee to earn free bitcoins as well. The referer doesn’t get a one-time benefit either. 25% of the revenue CoinSwitch makes from the referee’s 2nd transaction onwards is awarded to the referer forever.

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