EO.Finance is a licensed Crypto & Fiat wallet, offering support for more than 40 currencies, including transactions made by debit or credit card, as well as wire transfers for deposit and withdrawal. It forms just one of many products hosted within the EO ecosystem, all of which compliment each other to create a convenient hub for crypto enthusiasts to manage their funds.  

The functionality offered by EO.Finance is practically unmatched by any competitor, making it not only a great option for experienced crypto enthusiasts but also newcomers, searching for a fast and secure wallet they can trust. Available to download on iOS and Android, EO.Finance is also accessible through browsers, as well as Chrome and Firefox extensions. The interface has played a fundamental part in development, and has been designed with the intention of providing the best possible user experience.

The variety of functions featured by EO.Finance is a huge part of its appeal, and all add real value to the wallet, integrated exchange options are particularly welcome, providing a fast and convenient method of exchange directly from EO.Finance, supported currencies include; EO coin, Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, Litecoin.

The ability to store fiat currencies is also a significant addition not to be overlooked, providing users with the ability to store their fiat and digital currencies in one place. This is further complemented by crypto purchases with debit or credit card, granting users a convenient method to purchase cryptos.

Upon completion of registration, users are provided with a unique address for each supported currency, with options to send, receive, buy and exchange. In order to purchase users can do so from the portfolio by clicking the ‘buy crypto’ button and selecting the relevant currency from the drop down list, then simply enter the desired purchase amount and payment information to complete the transaction. Exchanging similarly to purchasing can be easily accessed via the portfolio screen, choose the desired currency pairs and amount, then click ‘exchange’ to conclude the process.

EO coin is the fuel which powers the entire EO Ecosystem, and can be used for the payment of commissions on transactions, which will come with significant discounts on EO.Finance. The referral program also plays a pivotal role in the growth of the ecosystem, and the EO community.

EO.Finance which is operated by EOtradex OÜ, holds European licenses for crypto wallet #FVR000161 and crypto-fiat exchange #FRK000193. These licenses provide increased trust and confidence in the product and ecosystem as a whole.

EO.Finance would appear to have a bright future ahead, the plethora of features and the focus on providing the best possible user experience highlights the team’s commitment to success.

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