ERC-20 token standard is now completed

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The ERC-20 standard, which decides how to release new tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain, has now been permanently updated.

The now formalized standard allows the implementation of a standardized programming interface for tokens with smartcontracts. This ensures that tokens can be transferred and recognized so that they can also be used by third parties on the same blockchain. A detailed description of the functionality of the ERC-20 standard can be found here.

In future, the ERC-20 standard is to specify the rules for ethereum-based tokens. This would amount to the majority of the ICOs, which mainly rely on Ethereum. The original version of ERC-20 had already been introduced at the end of 2015, so many token sales, which had taken place since then, had already been able to follow the guidelines of the standard. Since then, the paper had been continuously worked on so that it could now be finalized.

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