Bitcoin Press Release: Technology startup, Foreground, announced its plans to build a decentralized affiliate marketing and advertising solution today.

Foreground promises to simplify advertising and affiliate marketing by connecting advertisers and publishers on both the traditional internet and the rapidly growing decentralized web (Web 3.0) to an open and honest network. The network will allow advertisers and publishers to build reputations based on a verifiable, immutable ledger of payments and conversions.

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“We see an opportunity to connect advertisers and publishers without the middle man,” says Rick Feiner, Founder and CEO of Foreground. “The blockchain provides a 100% accurate history of payments. We’re using that data to build a verifiable reputation for each and every advertiser and publisher that joins the Foreground network.”

Foreground enters the market at a time when the tech community is starting to realize the disintermediating effect that blockchain technology will have on digital marketing. Up to 40% of ad budgetary allocation tends to go to large networks and service providers. By leveraging technology, automation and transparency to reduce cost, Foreground is set to disrupt the industry by making it simpler, more transparent and efficient.

“The exploding ecosystem of decentralized apps is going to need a monetization solution,” continues Feiner. “The ICO market alone is $3 Billion and growing, but doesn’t yet have access to even the most basic affiliate tools. Foreground is the only solution that makes advertisements and affiliate marketing work seamlessly on the blockchain, allowing us to serve one of the fastest growing markets in the tech space.”

Foreground is building a decentralized app that includes a full suite of tools to empower advertisers and publishers, including tools for reporting, conversion attribution, and payment. The product is being built by accomplished developers and is backed by the Blockchain Incubation division of Productive Edge, a world class digital transformation consultancy based in Chicago.

More information about Foreground can be found at

Media Contact: Rick Feiner
Contact Name: Rick Feiner
Contact Email: [email protected]
Location: Chicago, Illinois

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