The SO project from Silicon Valley has been very much heated recently. As the leading project of the next generation decentralized high-efficiency public chain, it will not only surpass all existing public chains, its future prospects are even more limitless! For the specific prospects, the author is here to give you a detailed interpretation:

The SO project successfully achieved an efficient and decentralized public chain from theory to practice through the self-developed CPBFT consensus algorithm, which will become an indispensable infrastructure for the new generation blockchain 4.0. The combination of efficiency and decentralization brings endless expansion, which will transform the whole world into a world driven by tokens, and our life will undergo subversive changes!

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The first prospect is that everyone has tokens, everyone can issue their own wallets. It will be very convenient, unlike the current ETH network that has technical thresholds and troubles. Just create an address in the DApp and you can broadcast your wallet to the entire network on SO and use it as a revenue pool for your own apps. This will completely change the fatal injury of the existing public chains: not easy to popularize. It will soon make the blockchain technology as easy to use as Facebook and Google, easy to popularize. This is the basis of the blockchain-driven world.

Then there is a high degree of integration with the Internet of Things. With a decentralized and high-speed SO blockchain network, all objects can be connected by sensors and the data can be transferred, stored and traded in real time. For example, combined with the smart door lock, the SO public chain can be used to collect the rent, and the door can be automatically locked overdue, and can be reopened immediately after payment of rent, without any manual processing. The process is also completely transparent, because it is an operation that is done entirely on the blockchain.

Another example is the sale of used cars. We can directly implant the SO public chain on the on-board computer and sensors, which transmit the data in real time. All the used cars are transparent, and the seals have time stamps and cannot be faked. This actually applies to any trading network. Only the SO public chain that is both decentralized (bringing trust) and highly-efficient (bringing availability) will be able to turn these ideas into reality!

Let us imagine the future world brought by the SO public chain: the blockchain will be as popular as Facebook, everyone has tokens and wallets, and everything is connected by tokens! The future value of the SO public chain is without limitation!