Within the framework of the innovation projects 2017/2018 for E-Government Switzerland, the canton of Geneva is planning a study and a pilot project in the area of ​​blockchain.

Advancing digitization

Since 2012, a progressive digitalisation has taken place in Switzerland. Especially the “public documents and credentials” are to be digitized – an area on which the blockchain is particularly strong.

Since March 2017, an open source app called Ki-Tax has already been put into operation for the management of child day care centers. The online application contains all the important information for the administration.

Now the so-called “validator” is to provide digital extracts with a time stamp and an electronic signature in order to increase the security and reliability. But how is the whole to work?

Digital signatures

Whether a document has actually been issued by the administrative authority is also not a rare question these days. There are still fraudsters who spend their time as civil servants and make nonsense with false information.

The idea of ​​the canton is to make documents safer. An example:

The canton provides Mr. Müller with a document about any information. When the document is created, a time stamp is taken so that the origin can be traced back.

A digital signature is also used. It is like a digital signature and contains information that only the owner of the digital signature can create.

With a corresponding area service, such as the Validator, Mr Müller can upload his document to our website. The document is uploaded and checked.

If the document has actually been issued by the canton of Geneva, then there is a green message. If not, then there is a red warning and Mr. Mueller has been protected from fraud.

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