LOS ANGELES, CA – Silicon Beach startup Poos Caboose is making waves in the Southern California entrepreneurial landscape with experts comparing it to giants such as Snap Inc. and Tinder Inc. in terms of social influence and following, and Bitcoin in terms of innovation.

Poos Caboose is an addicting iPhone game that features a cute protagonist, og poos, whose objective is to hop onto the next caboose. The user taps on the screen when the next caboose is in line, and each train alternates in direction to increase difficulty. Every point the user earns during a round is then turned into poos coin, which can be used to purchase cute themed pooses:

Innovation enthusiasts and hipsters alike have proclaimed the game to be “the largest leap forward in technological innovation since Bitcoin”, which is why Poos Caboose also announced via Twitter that they were in fact, having an ICO:

Investors will be able to get in on the poos coin ICO using Ether, and the poos coin will immediately be spendable towards pooses on the Poos Caboose Store. The app is currently in Beta and will hit the App store on July 29th, at which point it will undoubtedly shoot to the top 10 apps downloaded. Get in early.

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