Once the Casinos started to move online, many gamblers found joy from the comforts of their homes. It was much easier to play remotely without the need to go to the physical casino. But with this comfort, came several setbacks which the online casinos failed to eliminate. In the beginning of the previous decade, the game was completely changed with the introduction of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Gambling was the revolution in the world of online casinos, because they managed to eliminate all those setbacks mentioned before. Once the players all around the world saw what Crypto Casinos bring to the table, there was no turning back.

Classic Online Casinos vs Bitcoin Gambling

The biggest plague of the classic online casinos has always been several major problems. First it was the slow speeds of transactions and low level of security, all due to needing third party financial corporations. The privacy of players was also crippled due to the involvement of banks and other institutions. But the most prominent problem among the community of gamblers has always been the question of fairness. All those problems were successfully eliminated by the Bitcoin Gambling websites, thanks to the revolutionary blockchain technology.

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Advantages of BTC Gambling

Where traditional online casinos fail, Bitcoin Gambling absolutely thrives. Thanks to the upper mentioned blockchain, the deposits and withdrawals are lightning-fast, because players are dealing directly with the casinos, without the need of third party intermediaries. All transactions are performed within the matter of minutes. Another aspect of superiority is the amazing security and privacy that BTC Gambling websites offer. When you play on the crypto casino, the only thing you need to provide is your email, username and password. This alone provides total privacy and anonymity, additionally blockchain technology makes it mandatory to keep all participants utterly hidden. With Bitcoin Gambling, nobody will ever be able to track who you are and what you do.

Provably Fair Bitcoin Gambling

Perhaps the best thing about BTC Gambling is the amazing new technology deriving from the blockchain concept. It’s called the Provably Fair system and it’s designed to provide the total fairness of the games. This technology operates on the advanced, SHA-2 Hash algorithms which absolutely guarantee the fairness of each game. Using this technology, players can check the in-depth process of the gameplay, before and after the bet to absolutely ensure the fair play. With those games, casinos can once and for all eliminate all questions about fairness and earn the total trust of their communities. One extremely popular bitcoin casino Fortunejack is an avid supporter of this concept, providing numerous games working under provably fair technology.