Online Bitcoin casinos are specialized platforms that allow you to earn cryptocurrency on gambling. These sites are in many ways similar to standard gaming services, where bets are accepted in fiat. However, blockchain technology has been introduced in Bitcoin casinos, thanks to which users can deposit coins to an account, store them there and receive transfers to their personal wallet in case of a win (or lose coins if they lose).

Today on the Internet you can find Bitcoin dicecasinos without investments, with investments, with bonuses and additional buns. But not all of these resources are honest. There are plenty of scammers in this area. Therefore, we will devote today’s review to the key features of cryptocurrency casinos. We will analyze the principles of their work, methods of deception, factors that should be paid attention to when selecting a site. We will also give examples of the best Bitcoin casinos where you can safely make money right now.

Simply put, Bitcoin casinos are online gambling platforms where bets are made in BTC (sometimes other popular cryptocurrencies are available). Globally, such services are divided into 3 main types.

Attachment casinos are a standard type of platform. You register on the site, get acquainted with the functionality, read the rules of the game and withdrawal of money. However, you are not given starting satoshi for free attempts. On such platforms, there is a minimum deposit that must be entered into the account in order to start placing bets. Oddly enough, casinos with investments are often the safest options. The creators themselves know that their project is honest and regularly pays out winnings, so they don’t need to attract people with all sorts of goodies. One example of such casinos is the service.

You should “gamble” in moderation. It is a pity that no one whispered about this in the ear of King Henry VIII of England. Probably, this monarch’s blood was seething with excitement – otherwise it is difficult to explain how he managed to lose the bells of St. Paul’s Cathedral at the bones.

After such legends, you are glad that cryptocurrency casinos give you the opportunity to play dice on Satoshi – the smallest bits of BTC. Seasoned gamblers value Bitcoin dice for the typical benefits of cryptocurrency:

  • Anonym gambling.
  • Cheap transactions.
  • Provably fair games.

Can’t wait to play? We understand. Below are some great resources for Bitcoin dice.

No deposit Bitcoin casinos are a more attractive type of site for inexperienced users. On such services, a small amount of satoshi is given to start the game immediately after registration. To enter the big bets, you still have to make a deposit, but you can try your hand at no risk. More advanced Bitcoin casinos with a faucet are of the same type. Their highlight is that you are immediately given a little Satoshi (usually 100), but if you lose them, you can use the built-in tap, which will give out the same 100 Satoshi for free. That is, these resources allow you to make an almost unlimited number of free attempts. What’s the catch? In fact, nothing. It will take you a long time to reach the minimum level required to withdraw Bitcoins. You will not be able to place large bets either; that is, there will be no earnings as such without a deposit. Among the platforms of this type are and

Bitcoin casino with a bonus – this does not mean free enrollment of coins for registration, but a bun for entering a deposit and performing game actions. For example, the platform awards a 100% bonus for the first deposit of funds and the subsequent accumulation of loyalty points. That is, you deposit, say, a minimum amount of 0.01 BTC. Place your bets and accumulate loyalty points. Every 800 points are converted into 0.01 BTC and accumulated in the bonus account. In total, you can collect 5 bonus Bitcoins, and the promotion itself is valid for 1 year from the moment the funds were first credited. In fact, your bonus profit can be enormous. The main thing is to collect loyalty points.

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