Southeast Asian based  RFOX Games (a subsidiary of RedFOX Labs $RFOX) has released its free-to-play game KOGs SLAM! in closed beta. The Bitcoin News finds out more about the KOGs SLAM! digital gaming experience and the collaboration with YGG (Yield Guild Games).

Q. Please introduce yourself and what you do at RFOX Games. 

I’m Fadzly Yusof, General Manager of RFOX Games, a subsidiary of Redfox Labs, a crypto and blockchain venture builder based in South East Asia.

Q. Can you tell us more about RFOX Games? 

RFOX Games was set up with the purpose of bringing people into the blockchain era through games. Our team is made up of gaming veterans and artists who want to make digital inclusion into the blockchain space easy, relevant and fun.

Q. You recently released your free-to-play play-to-earn game KOGs SLAM in closed beta. How is that going for you?

We have on-boarded a few thousand gamers to stress test our system for bugs and issues related to gameplay. There is also an incentive program that awards players with RFOX for leaderboard rankings and an exclusive NFT slammer to be used in the game if they qualify.

Q. Care to comment on your collaboration with Yield Guild Games on this as well as the ‘inclusion’ aspect?

YGG has been very active in managing their community with play to earn opportunities in gaming to help them monetise their time and effort, with Kogs, we hope to give them another opportunity to earn financial rewards through our NFT and token once we go open beta. A lot of their members who are waiting for scholarships or sponsors can consider our content as a viable option for income. We are facilitating cash out options for them to make the experience less tedious for first time users who are not savvy with crypto yet.

Q. Would you say you are leading in this field in the SEA/APAC markets? 

We are a young company hoping to expand the play-to-earn ecosystem in as many countries as possible. We are just starting so we have a lot of opportunities to grow. The space is still mostly untapped and will be a huge benefit to economies that have been affected by COVID.

Q. Thanks for your comprehensive answers! We would love to know what’s next for RFOX Games.

We will be announcing more activities and content for our communities, visit our discord channel at and our Facebook page at for the latest news and updates!

About RFOX Games

RFOX Games, launched by RedFOX Labs, Southeast Asia’s first blockchain venture builder. RFOX Games is building a series of interoperable games that are PLAY TO EARN and support the KOGs NFT collection. The entire RFOX ecosystem is supported by its native currency $RFOX and users will be able to compete in head-to-head and tournament-based games to win NFT prizes and $RFOX.

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