Online gambling sites have been around since the ’90s, and over this time some of them have gained a reputation as trustworthy operators. As bitcoin continues to prosper, hundreds of BTC betting sites are popping up online, all eager to attract players into depositing. Although most of these sites are trustworthy, if you don’t keep your eyes open you can easily become a victim of scammer sites. 

Gambling with bitcoin offers anonymity, faster deposits, and withdrawals. Players can also enjoy larger deposit bonuses and often no casino fees. 

So if you’re planning to get involved in BTC gambling, here are some basic ways to avoid scammer gambling sites

Gambling Site’s Reputation

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The most basic way to avoid being scammed is to gamble on a site that has been around for a long time and has a good reputation. The longer a gambling site has been around the more likely it isn’t a scam.

Still, this method isn’t 100% reliable. Casino operators could be playing the long game and waiting to receive as many deposits as possible before scamming users. 

Running an online betting site is a tough business. Sometimes businesses go bankrupt and decide not to refund player’s deposits, before shutting down their online casino. Because of this, playing in a casino with a short track record can be risky. Some sites that have been in operation for two or more years have disappeared overnight, and so it is crucial to be extremely careful. 

Generous Bonuses With Low Wagering Requirements

One of the biggest red flags you will notice right away are huge bonuses with small wagering requirements. This doesn’t mean you should beware of sites that offer promotions or some advantages. You have to think rationally and understand that a  betting site won’t survive very long if they are throwing their money away. So, look for sites that offer small bonuses with 10xr or more rollover requirements. For instance, if a site offers a £100 bonus to play on slots with just ten wagering requirements, don’t be fooled and walk away. 

Bet Anonymously

When it comes to security, it is best that you use sites that don’t require any personal information such as your name and address. Use end to end crypto sites, and avoid government currency sites that accept cryptocurrencies. Any information you give can be exploited by the sites or can fall into the hands of governments and hackers. 

To bet anonymously you should follow these steps:

  • Use a desktop crypto wallet
  • Always use a VPN 
  • Start using Linux for better privacy
  • Learn how to use mixers and privacy coins 


The great thing about Bitcoin is that people want it to succeed. Use the community built around Bitcoin to find about scam reports and disputes gamers are having with Bitcoin gambling operators. Once you are a part of the Bitcoin community, you will have no problem finding out if a site is worth playing at.

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