Bingo history stretch back to the year 1530 in Italy. It wasn’t popular until the 1930s when it was introduced in American churches in a bid to raise funds. From then its prominence increased as a result of its legalization in churches and many casinos introducing it. Traditionally attributed as a woman’s game, bingo has changed over time to become one of the most rewarding and fun games in both land-based casino and online casino. Its level of thrill can’t match to other casino games such as roulette even though it has simple rules, it’s exciting, and has a high multiplier compared to other games.

The current bingo

Today bingo is played online though some players still prefer playing on land-based casinos. With the introduction of bitcoin, bingo is being wagered in bitcoins. To get the most out of bingo playing online, you will need to be on the lookout for the best bingo sites. One of the best UK bingo sites that will be of help to you is The website has a list of new online bingo sites, mobile bingo sites and sites with the highest bonuses. Isn’t that magnificent? But let learn how the game is played.

Bitcoin Bingo Game Play

In this section, you are going to learn how bitcoin bingo is played. To play the games, you will be required to purchase a ticket. This implies that you will need to have funded your casino account in advance with bitcoins. Keep in mind casinos have rules as to the number of tickets you can purchase. Some casinos will restrict the number of tickets a player can buy while others don’t have a restriction. Once you have your ticket, the game will start, and random numbers will be called out. Some of the numbers will match the numbers you bought on the ticket. The matching numbers will be marked off. To win, your numbers will be required to form a winning combination. If you are lucky to have the winning combination, your username will be called out, and this will continue until the session comes to an end. At the end of the game, your account will be credited with bitcoins, and you can start purchasing tickets for the next session. Isn’t it simple? To arrive at the best bingo sites to win on, visit and explore a collection of new UK bingo sites. From the website, you find a plethora of bonuses advertised by bitcoin bingo sites.

Types of bitcoin bingo

There are two most common types of bitcoin bingo; the 90-ball Bitcoin Bingo and 75-ball Bitcoin Bingo. However, some online casinos have other types such as the 80-ball bingo and speed bingo.

90-ball bitcoin bingo

This is the most popular type of bingo among all other types. Whether playing online, on a brick and mortar casino or a bitcoin gambling site, you will hardly miss this type of bingo. There are 90 bingo balls, and the bingo card is a 3*9 pattern. The winner is a player who lands a winning combination on the first line, second line or the bingo.

75-ball Bitcoin Bingo

The variant is also referred to as the American bingo. Unlike the 90-ball bingo which has 90 balls, this has 75 balls each ball printed a number a single number in between 1-75. The player’s card is of a 5*5 pattern and only feature 24 random numbers. The missing number is empty.

Apart from the number of balls and card pattern difference with the 90-ball bitcoin bingo, the 75 card bingo have to win the game by their cards forming a winning combination like a snake, a simple line, a vertical line or other forms of sensible patterns.

Bitcoin bingo winning tips

Bingo like other casinos games requires players to have an information edge to outplay the casino. Though the game is won by luck, taking an educated guess increased the odds of you winning rather than depending on sheer luck. One of the ways you can have the edge over the casino is by joining online bitcoin bingo forums. On the forums, you will find useful bitcoin bingo discussion such as reviews of best UK bingo sites, recommendation of sites which allow players to buy multiple tickets and so on.

You can also try to complement the gambling knowledge you have and input some of the fundamental gambling skills such as bankroll management, martingale betting strategy, and anti-martingale betting strategy.

To be among the elite bitcoin bingo players, you will need to practice often. You can do so by joining free online chat room and play against other players. Though you will not win actual money, you will be able to gauge yourself against other players and also acquire new acquaintances. You may also gain a few tricks and strategies that you may discover from other bitcoin bingo players.

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