What is Cardana?

Cardana is a decentralized lending platform. It is built on a peer-to-peer (P2P) model in which borrowers and lenders interact directly without the need of a bank, broker, or financial intermediary.

Cardana allows lenders to provide liquidity and receive interest in return, and allows borrowers to borrow any amount they want for however long by providing collateral, eliminating the need for any registration or Know Your Customer (KYC) processes. It’s de-fi at its finest — a crowdfunding lending platform for everyone, everywhere, at any time.

Why start Cardana now?

The crypto market has increased rapidly over the past five years, from just under $10 billion total market capitalization in 2016 to $2.5 trillion in May 2021. Nearly 300 million people around the world now hold crypto assets — and the majority are young adults aged between 25 and 34.

While young adults are more likely to be invested in crypto assets, it also goes without saying that young adults are also more likely to have no, or less, cash savings. Oftentimes, this age group is faced with a challenging conundrum — deciding whether to sell a crypto asset they believe in long-term because of the need for short-term cash.

We started Cardana to allow crypto hodlers (including ourselves) to receive liquid funds without selling their cryptocurrencies. Now, individuals who need liquid funds, but want to hold their crypto assets either because they expect their crypto asset’s value to increase or want to avoid short-term capital gains taxes, can simply take out a loan on Cardana.

How does Cardana work?

The Cardana decentralized application (DApp) allows lenders to deposit their crypto assets into liquidity pools which users then borrow from, creating what’s known as a liquidity market. Cardana hosts markets for a number of crypto assets trading on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), including riskier but popular tokens such as $SAFEMOON, as well as stablecoins like $BUSD. Borrowers can withdraw funds from the liquidity pools by providing collateral. (DApp is not currently live.)

Why lend on Cardana?

Lenders are happy to lend on Cardana despite no KYC or verification process because they can enjoy handsome returns. In addition to interest income, Cardana allows lenders to farm the collateral and earn extra yields. Hence, a win-win for both borrowers and lenders.

Also, because the value of the collateral is always higher than the loan, Cardana gives lenders extra protection that banks do not usually provide.

  • Accessible: Low capital requirement, you can lend as little as $1.
  • High interest rate: Interest rate is negative in Europe while you can earn double digit interest on Cardana.
  • Safe: The value of collateral is always greater than the loan.
  • Quick: The whole process can take less than one minute.
  • Huge Demand: 80 million BSC token holders vs. ~1.5 million BTC holders

Why borrow on Cardana?

  • No origination or application fees.
  • Skip paperwork, credit checks, and branch visits.
  • 100% privacy and 0% discrimination; no need to disclose purpose of loan or identity.
  • You never make money out of a bank loan, but a crypto-backed loan allows you to earn when your cryptocurrency appreciates; essentially you can borrow for free.
  • Collateral will be stabilised as the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio exceeds 90%, shielding borrowers from excessive volatility.
  • You don’t have to share seed phrase of your wallet.
  • Interest rates are calculated using algorithms, avoiding loan sharks.
  • The whole process can take less than one minute.
  • We offer loans backed by a variety of BSC tokens which other platforms may refuse to accept.

Can you give me an example?

Say you need $10k of $BUSD today to pay for a nice holiday for you and your wife, but you do not want to sell your $CAKE because you made a killer profit from it (and don’t want to pay capital gains tax on it), but more importantly you’re in it for the long haul.

Instead, you can now go to the Cardana DApp and submit a request to the investor pool to borrow $10k, using your $CAKE as collateral. You review the terms and interest rate, and then, you send your collateral to the smart contract, which is going to act as a custodian.

Very soon, a lender accepts your offer and agrees to lend you $2.5k, sending the amount to the smart contract. Then, two other lenders agree to lend you $4k and $3.5k, respectively. With the sum adding up to $10k, the process is now complete. The loan is initiated and you receive $10k of $BUSD from the smart contract.

Notice how easy and straightforward it is without any paperwork, credit check or branch visit.

After 1 year, you return $11k of $BUSD ($10k of which is interest) to the smart contract and withdraw your $CAKE, at which point has gone up 50%! That means not only are you not paying any cost but you have actually earned 40%.

$CARD: The utility token that backs the DApp

The DApp will be live in Q3, after rigorous testing. The DApp will be backed by our utility token, Cardana ($CARD). $CARD investors make money with every loan transacted on our Cardana DApp. Investors also earn passive income by simply hodling the tokens as half of the transaction tax goes to hodlers and the other half goes to the liquidity pool (LP) to increase the price floor.


Supply is fixed. There is a hard cap of 1 billion tokens. 50% of the supply is paired with BNB as initial liquidity. 15% is reserved for project development. 15% is allocated to marketing and 5% is assigned to airdrop. 7.5% will be vested to the founding team and 7.5% will be awarded to other team members as Cardana expands its team.

  • Liquidity: 50%
  • Project development: 15%
  • Marketing: 15%
  • Founding team: 7.5%
  • Future team: 7.5%
  • Airdrop: 5%

There is a transaction tax of 10% to reward hodling, of which 5% goes to hodlers and 5% goes to the liquidity pool to create an ever rising price floor.


We launched our utility token $CARD on 22 July 2021 (AEST), alongside our website and social media platforms.

Our Cardana DApp will be live later this quarter, accompanied by an audit and a white paper. We are also looking to introduce more features, list on centralized exchanges and expand our team.

In 2022, Cardana will begin accepting deposits, providing services to institutions and allowing users to send and receive tokens on our platform.

How do I get started?

Remember $CARD investors start making extra money from loan transactions when the DApp is live. So be sure to buy $CARD before then to ensure you get maximum returns!

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