IOTA Newsletter #8 — Coordinator-free Testnet, Crypto Payments, Venture Building, Geo-Tagging & more

A Testnet with no Coordinator

Coordicide is rapidly approaching and already now you can test the Tangle with no Coordinator. Learn how to here.
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Recent News

IOTA joins with payments app Zeux
Start paying for everything from coffee to clothes with MIOTA in any place that accepts Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.
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IOTA supports EU-funded LEDGER to accelerate human centric DLT solutions
€200,000 equity-free funding and 12-month programme available to IOTA and DLT development ecosystem.
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IOTA Area Codes — A proposal to geo-tag IOTA transactions
Go local and empower your community. IOTA Area Codes enables IOTA-based applications to be built for specific geographic regions.
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Qubic Explained
Still getting a grasp of the quintessential Qubic? Get started with the first of five blog posts about the ground-breaking computation model.
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IOTA awards Professor Robert Shorten with Research Grant
Recently announced IOTA Research Council member, Professor Robert Shorten, is awarded with new IOTA Research grant dedicated to three-year Tangle research.
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A Message from the Board

The IOTA Board of Directors is announcing the departure of Ralf Rottmann, who will be stepping down in his position, effective immediately, due to an ongoing family matter. The current board took over all of Ralf’s responsibilities at the onset of his absence in August 2018, so business will continue as usual. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.

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