Paracosm Platform is a huge and innovative project for dedicated gamers and true dreamers. It’s based on the IOTA technology: we build a manageable cross-reality platform, where anyone can create his own game universe – his own paracosm.

Why do we use IOTA? The kind of platform we develop has a set of crucial requirements for the DRT, and IOTA is the only solution in the world at the moment to satisfy them all:

  1. Scalability. Thanks to IOTA feeless microtransactions we can scale the platform to any size and data transaction volume.
  2. Physical 2 Digital and vice versa data transactions – IoT. We create cross-reality games, which require the Internet of Things solution to deliver necessary data to each participant at every moment of time.
  3. Decentralization. We see Paracosm Platform as an open-source and decentralized platform without any specialized validators/miners – and this requires a technology with true decentralization. Unsurprisingly, IOTA is the one.
  4. Strategic threats prevention: quantum computer. We build a platform that will extend its existence far in the future. And we already think of major threats that may appear in 3-5-10 years. Quantum computer is a big potential threat to almost all existing DLT technologies, but not for IOTA!