From literally nothing, Esports industry now has a market value of over $700 million. The industry is expected to grow even more and by 2020. It will be worth $1.5 billion. Unikrn is the company behind Unikoin Gold cryptocurrency. Unikoin Gold is one of the largest cryptos that entered the iGaming market in 2017. Previously, this crypto went by the name Unikrn but after the founders experienced some legal hiccups, they decided to change to Unikoin Gold. Initially, Unikrn could not offer a fiat payment system hence the need to issue a new ICO for UKG.

How does Unikoin Gold work?

Initially, lovers of eSports would use the Unikrn coins to bet. The winners would then be eligible to receive a great deal amount of Unikoins. However, as casinopå informed us in its article, since it is illegal to cash these winnings out for regular money, Unikrn did not allow the winners to withdraw their winnings.  In order to circumvent this problem, the company decided to be giving the winners prizes equivalent to the cash won. Of course, this was not very agreeable to many of the players since there was a probability that the prize would not be appealing as much as the cash. This is what prompted the company to start a crypto which would allow winners get their winnings in whatever currency (fiat or digital) they prefer from anywhere in the world.

How Unikoin Gold intends to transform iGaming industry

In order to stay ahead of the competition, UKG token was launched in 2017. This gave the eSports firm a chance to stay ahead in the now competitive iGaming industry. You can sell, buy or exchange these tokens for any other cryptocurrency. With the unikoin Gold, there is even a system where a person can convert their UKG winnings into fiat money.

Unikoin Gold is an ERC20 Ethereum-based cryptocurrency. Covered more thoroughly in this article, the token is designed to be used in eSports matches and tournaments. It is also meant to be used when the time comes to give awards and incentives to players, teams and eSports participants. The new platform is fully regulated and licensed and it allows users to legally bet from anywhere in the world while using UKG tokens. In Australian and Isle of Man, the company has been licensed to conduct real-money wagering.

What makes Unikoin Gold unique?

The company was founded by Rahul Sood, creator of Microsoft Ventures and founder of VoodooPC. Karl Flores, a former CEO of Pinion of Australia, is also a founder. This platform is backed by an extremely strong team and eSports fans will enjoy playing in a safe, legal and secure ecosystem. The platform allows fans to enjoy a wide range of games among them, Counter Strike, Global Offensive, Dota 2 and League of Legends among others. Moreover, Unikoin Gold publishes extensive analysis, team tactics, player profiles among other details which might help a player make an informed gaming decision.

Among the investors and celebrities who believe in this cryptocurrency and who have helped make the company stronger are Shari Redstone, Mark Cuban, Ashton Kutcher and Elisabeth Murdoch. Indeed, this altcoin is unique in every other way that an eSports fan would hope for.

The performance of Unikoin Gold

When this cryptocurrency was launched in 2017, it attracted a price of $0.3. The price didn’t rise until December 18th when it touched $0.32. It wasn’t until January 8th when the price peaked to reach a high of $2.47. This was also the day when the market cap of the altcoin reached $315 million and the daily volumes exceeded $49 million. Cryptocurrencies such as Enjin, Wax, ESportcoins and others fade when compared to UKG especially when one looks at the features.

Was it the best iGaming ICO of 2017?

Unikoin Gold was launched at the right time. At the time, there weren’t serious contenders in the market. Other than Decentraland and Enjin which at one time passed a market cap of $100 million, UKG was clearly the strongest cryptocurrency in the iGaming market in 2017. It has continued with the same bullish trend in 2018.

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