An unexpected catapulting path was created on Friday out of the LTC/USD pair even with the bullish pressure in general for Litecoin price market.

The consolidation started for a bit after climbing the $48 level on Friday. For the buying pressure to come, the best time would be and most recommended a waiting of a pullback with the aim to attract more investors in the LTC/USD market. Best profit booking point could be buying in at $45 mark as that indicates a strong and stable supporting level.

Litecoin market analysis

Source: Coinmarketcap

A long waiting trend and time-period for the buyers to return would be that particular massive supportive zone around the $45 level as the pullback will come.

litecoin price prediction

Patience is Always Rewarding

Think of value coming into the market at lower levels, as we have already seen the urge to act of traders. There is the possibility of “paying up” at the $48 level, and if you are working with a long enough timeline, then that might be feasible.

The whole crypto-market in this specific time is very in an uncharted territory but for Litecoin specifically the best move could be to wait for a very good dip-moment and to buy as that is the only way to trade for now.

For long-term traders it is high a possibility that soon enough the LTC/USD pair will be climb past and over the $50 level but for any quick short-term profit maker look at any particular moment around the $45 or lower zone perhaps below $42 but in any term there is a high possibility Litecoin Price will be gaining in value sooner than thought so be patient for selling.

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