Merck has announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted US Patent No. 10,193,695 to the Company. The patent relates to the formation of “crypto-objects” – a novel security technique that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology.

Merck wants to combine blockchain technology with artificial intelligence. She has now been granted a patent for her “crypto objects”. Isabel De Paoli, Merck’s Chief Strategy Officer, on:

This new patent builds on the innovation momentum generated by previous patents. Our many years of experience in the security materials business makes our company an industry expert. Merck is now leading the development of blockchain technologies focused on the combination of physical objects and digital security. This is of particular relevance to industries that rely on reliable product identity, such as safety-critical supply chains in the pharmaceutical or food industry.

Patented technology provides a solution for secure anchoring of physical objects in the digital world

According to a press release available to BTC-ECHO, the new technology will leverage machine learning. The company wants to connect physical objects with a block chain using identification features. As such should serve as chemical signatures, DNA or image patterns.

The company wants to address the need for improved supply chain integrity. According to the press release, more than half of the drugs purchased on illegal websites are supposed to be counterfeit. The combination of blockchain technology and machine learning should also be counteracted. De Paoli is happy:

    This novel technology, which combines physical objects with a blockchain, supports the security interests of enterprises and their products by providing new supply chain tracking options through block chain, Internet of Things, and networked workflow environments. In addition, it is likely to eliminate inefficiencies in existing systems of companies.

Merck is developing the technology within its Merck Innovation Center in a specially designed project. However, the goal is to develop ideas for viable new business areas beyond the current spectrum of the company. Finally, to efficiently promote and scale innovation projects, Merck aims to provide targeted support, clear governance, and decision-making in a secure, start-up-like environment.

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